Husqvarna AutoMower

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Un-cancel your weekend plans

Were you hoping to repaint the deck this year? Or maybe just grill a burger or two? Husqvarna Automower® is here for you. By taking over your lawn care, Automower® will give you more time for the stuff that matters to you. Robotic lawn mowers aren’t just for tech geeks anymore – they’re for anybody who needs a little extra time on the weekend. Rain or shine, Automower® gets the job done.

Welcome to lawn care simplified

Yard work is hard work – but Husqvarna Automower® makes it simple. As the world’s smartest robotic grass mower, Automower® will:

• Navigate lawns of any complexity – even yards with slopes and obstacles.
• Mow both day and night – and even in nasty weather.
• Produce tiny grass clippings, which act as a natural fertilizer.

Take control with Automower® Connect

Husqvarna Automower® is a charming little robot mower, and leaving it alone to do its work can be hard. Fortunately, thanks to Automower® Connect, you can receive your Automower’s® current status on your iOS or Android smartphone. You can tell it to stop, start or park, or you can change its settings. In the unlikely event of theft, Automower® will sound an alarm, and you’ll receive precise GPS tracking of its location.

* Automower® Connect app is available for select models.